About Jimmy Slagle

Book Writer | Live Action Presenter | Entrepreneur Accelerator
Fine Dining Experimentalist | Semi-Pro Amateur Ski Dude | Live Music Addict
Renegade Rider | Mental Nomad | Fortune Hunter | Swashbuckler | 80's Relic | Pilot | Internationally Recognized Options Trader/Trainer (Retired)

Our Vision

Some of My Best Friends & Family Are World Class Chefs, Fine Dining Experimentalists, Musical Icons (& Those Who Appreciate Them), Renegade Riders (Two-Wheels & Four Legs), Rainmakers, Philanthropists, and...

If you are the kind of person who likes to experience culinary orgasms, conquer kitchens, attend intimate concerts, ride like the wind, ignite entrepreneurial visions, and bring value to the world... I would invite you to accept my invitation to join my friends and family community.

Jimmy's Bio

Kitchen Conquered Host, 16 Time Bestselling Author, Harvard Educated Fine Dining Experimentalist, and 7-Figure Entrepreneur.

Jimmy is an internationally recognized speaker, author, and educator. He is a best-selling author of twenty books, including four #1 best sellers. He is a keynote speaker on sales, investing, marketing, social media, and entrepreneurship. He is a Harvard Educated fine dining experimentalist, musician producer and promoter, semi-pro-amateur ski dude, and loved by at least one celebrity (who chooses to remain anonymous).

He is also the author and creator of core curricula for four well-known international education companies, as well as numerous published articles. His philanthropic work, unconventional books, enriching articles, and unorthodox teaching style has catapulted him into the national media on numerous occasions.

His position as keynote speaker at several major conferences and summits ultimately led to his featured interview with Consumers Digest Magazine. To date, Slagle has trained over 500,000 entrepreneurs teaching upwards of a thousand workshops, boot-camps, and seminars throughout the United States and the world in the last 30 years.

Book Writer

We admit, the title of "book writer" is a slight downplay from what Jimmy has actually accomplished. Over the span of a 30 year career in entrepreneurship, Jimmy has written four #1 best sellers, Sixteen Best Sellers, and 20 books in total (and is currently working on three more).

The book that started it all was his first #1 Best Seller: How To Trade Stocks Using Options: The Dart-Throw Traders Kick A$$ Strategies To Throwing Darts - Picking Stocks - Making Money: Identifying stocks - proven strategies that will show you how. Get Your Copy Here...

Live Action Presenter

"Jimmy is great and teaches new information each time, he never ceases to amaze me."
- Ruth Lonschen

His position as keynote speaker at several major conferences and summits ultimately led to his featured interview with Consumers Digest Magazine. To date, Slagle has trained over 500,000 entrepreneurs teaching upwards of a thousand workshops, boot-camps, and seminars throughout the United States and the world in the last 30 years.

After 30 years of presenting complex concepts, strategies, and universal "How-To's" to a wide variety of participants, Jimmy had thoughts of retirement. "30 years of live action presenting begins to take it's toll on the mind and body", he concedes. And as he headed west to enjoy the pristine mountains, rivers, and forests of Utah - the phone began to ring. And in October of 2017 he was asked to come out of retirement to be a keynote presenter with the Daymond John Success Formula education team.

"Whether you are standing in a river, shredding McConkey's Bowl, or hiking through the Wasatch front" when Daymond John's team makes the call "you answer", grins Jimmy. "When I got the call from Daymond's team, I instantly recognized the opportunity and decided this was the time to step up my game."

Jimmy admits that being a presenter alongside Daymond John and his team is something that every professional speaker/trainer would be proud to be a part of (even if it means fewer runs on the slopes, cantors on the trails, and flips of the fly).

Fine Dining Experimentalist

How does one claim the title of "Fine Dining Experimentalist"? Great Question.

It starts with the love of food and the realization that cooking is not my natural gift... however my appreciation for those that have the gift is unparalleled.

My natural gifts and talents fall into the realm of problem solving and promotion of others. And one thing I have learned is that many great culinary artisans are much better at their art than they are at the promotion of their art.

So what better way to bring two life changing gifts together, than to create a family of companies that only exist to help gifted chefs become iconic?

After enrolling in a Harvard program that brings top chefs and Harvard researchers together to explore how everyday cooking and haute cuisine can illuminate basic principles in physics and engineering, I realized very quickly I should stick to my strengths and promote culinary artisans who stick to theirs.

From that decision... Chefonality, Limited was born. And with all of these culinary orgasms being passed around, why just stop with one fantastic idea? Chefonality spawned Kitchen Conquered (see below), Taste the Ride (see below), and our signature Chef Table VIP program (see below).

All in, we have developed four innovative approaches to help culinary artisians (chefs) focus on their craft while we focus on helping them become Iconic. If you are a chef, Click Here to find out if you qualify for our signature programs.

Semi-Pro Amateur Ski Dude

What can I tell you, I love to ski.
There is nothing more to say.

Live Music Addict

Many would argue that most addictions are unhealthy and I would agree... Most Are.

However, I have found one addiction that just keeps getting better and better the more "hits" I take... This addiction is responsible for an estimated $8,000,000,000 (that's 8 BILLION) dollars in revenue in 2018. And it would appear there are in excess of 28 million providers of this addiction source. (source: statista.com)

And the average addict invests $80 per "hit". I think it is safe to say that I am not average and neither are you. In fact, I would suggest the above average addict (like you and I) are closer to the $150 - $200 per "hit" range.

And, I would suggest most of us above average addicts need between 6 to 8 "hits" per year just to keep our addiction in check.

What is this miracle substance that generates 8 billion dollars per year? Great question. The answer is... a LIVE music experience. We have discovered a way to treat all the senses at one time... feeding not one addiction but TWO at the same time.

We call it the Musicians Menu and participants call it NIRVANA (sorry Kurt, I am referring to the experience not the band).

Renegade Rider

"Get on Your Bikes and Ride"

(Queen The Band:Freddie Mercury, Brian May)

Taste The Ride

Taste the Ride is a 60 day cross country motorcycle ride which visits 50 chefs in 60 days.

Taste The Ride Leg 1

Taste The Ride Leg 2

Taste The Ride Leg 3

Taste The Ride Leg 4

Taste The Ride Leg 5