Frequently asked questions

  • Who Are You?
    Isn't that the question we have all been asking ourselves since we became conscious we are alive?

    However, since you asked, my name is Jimmy, and you can call me Jimmy. I also answer to "Daaaaaaaaad" (if you are my child), "Dude" (if you see me on the street), "WOW" (if you think I'm cute), "Your Majesty" (if we meet in Camelot), or "Jimmy" (if none of the above apply).
  • What Do You Do For A Living?
    It depends on how you found me. For sake of conversation, I'll try to keep it simple... I help chef's become ICONIC in their craft.
  • What EXACTLY is a Fine Dining Experimentalist?
    Truth is, that is a long story, so I'll keep it brief... I love to cook, and experiment in the kitchen (many of my experiments fail). I also am a huge fan of Tasting Menus & Chef Table Experiences.
  • Are You A Chef?
    Nope. I am a Fine Dining Experimentalist (see above)
  • What Is Your Favorite Drink?
    Non-alcoholic: Peach Mango Green Tea
    Alcoholic: Bruadar
  • Can You Juggle?
    Yes. Yes, I can. I am actually below average in this skill set. 
  • What is your favorite quote?
    "What we do in life, echoes in eternity". - Maximus (Gladiator)
  • What Is Your Favorite Movie?
    My top five are as follows:
    1. Wall Street - It's why I got into the financial markets
    2. Top Gun - It's why I became a pilot
    3. Gladiator - I was born at the wrong time
    4. Highlander - C'mon, there can be only one
    5. Blues Brothers - I'm on a mission from God
  • Jimmy, I have this thing you might be interested in...
    If you want to invite me to events/ offer me products to review/ recommend some articles/ provide a whole new perspective on life, please feel free to contact me (details below). I'm interested in most things - TRAVEL, tech, cooking, entertainment, etc. I love trying new adventures - I'm the adventurous sort.
  • Are These Really All The FAQ's
    Nope. I just had to go do something else.
Helping Chefs Become Iconic in Their Craft.

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